Property Flooding

This list has been compiled from information provided by the Environment Agency and local residents.

If you have more information to add or feel that any of this is incorrect, please let us know.


2008 Mar 16

10 properties flooded. 4 along Old Sodom Lane from overtopped Dauntsey Brook. 6 south of the motorway due to a blocked highway culvert under Church Lane.

2008 Jan 16

Surface water flooding south of the motorway. Numbers flooded unconfirmed but Lilac Cottage reported flooding.

2007 Dec 24

Olivemead Fishing lake flooded (including chalets) due to blocked undersized culvert on Olivemead Drain under Olivemead Lane & high flows. New culverts were subsequently installed under the road.

2007 July

30 properties flooded. 20 at Dauntsey Green due to overtopping of Dauntsey Brook, 10 properties south of the motorway due to surface water flooding.
Flood water from Brinkworth Brook also entering catchment via Grittenham.
Old Sodom Lane flood level = 59.1m north and 60.4m south of the M4.

2006 Nov 25

Olcote (Old Sodom Lane) flooded - approx 9 other gardens flooded.


Charnwood flooded due to blocked drain east of the Great Middle Green Farm development in The Green.

2002 Dec 31

No. 59 Dauntsey (white thatched cottage south of the M4) suffered surface water flooding (6” within property). This was probably overland flow from the canal spillway.


Brook Cottage (north of the M4 & upstream of Church Lane) flooded.
Flooding of property directly upstream of Old Sodom Lane.

2000 Oct

No. 59 Dauntsey flooded (assumed surface water flooding from the canal spillway).

1993 Oct 13

Property on Old Sodom Lane flooded inc. Olcote, Orchard & Trident Cottages.

Major clearance of Dauntsey & Brinkworth Brooks

This was reported by EA staff as removal of trees and some reprofiling.

1985 Dec

12 properties flooded (some report 18). 6 properties flooded from Main River including Orchard Cottage, Olcote, Trident Cottage, Omega & Inch Brook. A blocked fence on Main River appears to have been a contributing factor. 6 properties flooded from non Main River at Dauntsey Green.

1985 Jan 12

Sewerage & fluvial flooding of properties at Dauntsey Green.

1982 Jan

5 properties flooded at Dauntsey Green due to surcharging storm water sewers.

1971 Jun

Number of cottages flooded adjacent Old Sodom Lane directly from Dauntsey Brook and council houses flooded further downstream from inadequate drains. Flooding was largely as a result of the very heavy weed growth in the channel which had not been cut at the time. Affluxes present at Dauntsey Green and Old Sodom Lane bridges suggesting they are inadequate.

M4 construction started July 1969 and opened to traffic December 1971

1968 Jul 10

Low-lying cottages at Old Sodom lane flooded & lane closed (inc. Inch Brook & Orchard Cottage) Considerable blockages from hay occurred in this area.

1960 Dec 5

One cottage flooded in Old Sodom Lane but flooding mainly confined to agricultural land & roads despite being major flood event. Old Sodom Lane flood level = 59.1m.

1932 May

Historical Flood Envelope shows property flooding along on Old Sodom Lane, Dauntsey Green (both sides of road), St. James and Olivemead Lane.

1925 Jan

Historical Flood envelope shows flooding along Old Sodom Lane


Road Flooding

Regular road flooding occurs in a number of different locations around the parish. Problems with Idover Lane are recorded in the 1970’s as requiring rectification by the district council, but it was only through the efforts of local landowners that the problems were solved in 2010.

In the past, flooding to levels that make roads impassible to cars has occurred in Brinkworth Road, Olivemead Lane, Old Sodom Lane, The Green, Church Lane and the road to Grittenham. These are all the roads in and out of the community.

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