Old Dauntsey

These are some maps found in various lofts in the village:

  • 1857, land drainage, Sodom Lane
    This area is south of the M4 and show the field drains leading north into Dauntsey Brook. Local farmers claim that these were blocked when the M4 was built, but we have seen no evidence of any inspections to confirm or refute this belief.


  • c 1850, land drainage, Church Lane
    This shows the area north of The Green and between Church Lane in the south west and Idover Lane to the north east. Of particular interest are the several wells and the two outlets into Dauntsey Brook and the one in Idover Lane. When the Idover Lane roadside ditch was reprofiled in 2009, these old drains started working again. It is therefore possible that, with a small amount of maintenance, these historic drains could be brought back into service.


  • c 1850, land drainage, Park & White Hill Farms
    This area is on the side of Lyneham Banks (NE of Lyneham Banks) and shows the drainage down the hillside to the Wilts and Berks Canal. It was common practice to direct such watercourses through culverts or syphons under the canal, so this provides some indication of where such culverts may still exist. Failure of these old culverts can sometimes lead to unexplained water loss from canal.
    • Map (7 MB, PNG)

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