Quantum GIS is a free (Open Source) program that that can be used to view, edit and print maps. Around the world it has an expanding user base of thousands of organisations.

DPCDB has used QGIS regularly since 2009 and found it to be invaluable... even more so because or its price!

You can get your free copy here or use this tutorial to explain how to get started.

In addition to free software, there is also free training.

To extend QGIS and make it even easier to use with Ordnance Survey maps, special plugins (extension programs) are being developed.

Some people worry that free software cannot be any good.

Most of the Internet couldn’t function without free software.

If you want to look something up in an encyclopaedia, do you use a copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica or Wikipedia? The first is a commercial product that has been under development since 1768 (and is commercially struggling) while the second was started in 2001, is free and now has about 17 million articles in more than 270 languages.

Think of QGIS as the mapping equivalent of Wikipedia.

It’s time to get started...

Information on this site is copyright Dauntsey Drainage Board. Most of the maps are based on Ordnance Survey OpenData and additionally covered by that licence.

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