It is assumed for these tutorials that you have no experience with either GIS or the QGIS software. If this is not the case, you may still find something new.

These tutorials are written using QGIS version 1.6.0 on a Microsoft Windows XP PC. QGIS will however run under any of the later versions of Windows, Linux and the Mac. There are small changes in the look of various screens but, even if you are using a different version, these tutorials should still apply. Similarly, the tutorials should work with later versions of QGIS although some of the screens and menus may differ

QGIS regularly has new versions released. There is not a fixed release schedule, but there are typically two releases per year. The software increases in capability with each release, so it is recommended that you use whatever is the most recent version.

  • Getting Started - first steps through to creating a project and adding a couple of basic maps.
  • Add Maps - learn how to add the different types of maps and change how they are displayed.
  • Sharing Your Work - saving images and making printed maps.
  • More Advanced Tasks - editing, increasing drawing speed and how to create effects with masks.

Information on this site is copyright Dauntsey Drainage Board. Most of the maps are based on Ordnance Survey OpenData and additionally covered by that licence.

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